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UQR Assistance and Family Advocate

We were referred to Bill by a close friend who had just been through a similar difficulty in getting UQR approval at HRC. In our case, my husband's UQR was approved at the unit level, but denied at higher. He had already declined promotion in order to get out, informed his chain he intended to get out, had a civilian job waiting, and as far as we knew he was all set. It wasn't until after the first UQR submission that he found out he owed another 12 months because he had used TA. He re-submitted following HRC guidance that was supposed to eliminate the ADSO by repaying the TA, however even with the UQR was denied again. Before trying a third time, we decided we needed help.

We had already sold our home and relocated, his staying in would be an enormous burden both financially and emotionally. Seeing the impact this made on our family, Bill became an immediate advocate, He reviewed the documentation, took the time to learn the whole story, and found support for our cause in areas we had not thought to mention previously. Bill quickly and expertly developed a final product that was professional, airtight, and presented our case from all angles. Upon reading his final product the only logical option would be favorable action. We are currently awaiting a final decision.

Fortunately for us, Bill's dedication has presented us with other options. He called me, while already traveling on our behalf to personally present our case, to inform us of doctrine he had found that would provide us with a second option (medical) should HRC refuse again. Bill brought humor, guidance, and hope when we thought we had none.

I strongly recommend Bill Meili to anyone who feels their case is not being handled properly, who feels they have not received accurate representation via Army paperwork alone, or who thinks they are helpless in administrative action.

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