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Military Officer Resignations, Separations and Discharges

Military Officer Resignations, Separations and Discharges

Resigning a military commission can be difficult. The regulatory and policy procedures required for an officer to resign his or her commission present significant challenges, and can require four or five levels of command and staff recommendations before final decision. The entire process can easily last months, and I am aware of cases which have lingered — unresolved — for years.

If you are contemplating a resignation — or if you have already submitted your request and find yourself bogged down in the process and need additional assistance — please give my office a call.

Officer Resignations

There is a proper and efficient way to handle an officer’s resignation request. First, it is absolutely essential that all relevant facts and circumstances be marshaled in order to prepare a compelling presentation. Second, the officer’s situation must be communicated in writing clearly, thoroughly, and in accordance with all applicable regulations and customs of the service if it is to succeed. And third, once the request is submitted through command channels, consistent, professional follow-up is required to keep the process on track and moving forward to a favorable, timely resolution.

Medical Officer Resignations

While each officer resignation case presents its own unique facts, a common thread appears in medical officer resignation cases I’ve handled. Often, and especially in the Reserve Components, the medical officer has had limited contact with a unit or higher headquarters, is not well-known to the system, and is often quite unfamiliar with how the military “works” institutionally. As a result, the officer’s file usually has been “flagged” for failure to participate, or failure to update various credentialing and other administrative requirements. Unresolved administrative issues can significantly impede an officer’s resignation request. As such, those administrative issues or “flags” must be identified and addressed, in order to properly prosecute the officer’s resignation through each level of the approval process. I do this for clients through comprehensive communication and advocacy -- up and down the chain of command – until we receive the approval authority’s final decision.

Military Officer Unqualified Resignations

By regulation, each branch of the military authorizes Unqualified Resignations. Officers must make a request, and if approved, the officer receives an honorable discharge upon receipt of separation orders. Acceptance or approval of the officer’s request is, however, discretionary with the commander acting as approval authority. It is imperative, therefore, to present a thorough and complete packet for consideration, whether the officer is in an obligated or non-obligated status. And if obligated, the officer will need to present compelling evidence supporting the request in order to receive favorable consideration.

Please call my office for comprehensive representation with your resignation request.


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